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Click Here to Read BBBS-Summit, Medina & Stark Counties Policies and Profiles Statement

By applying to become a Big Brother or Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City (BBBS-SMS), I understand that:

To be considered for acceptance as a Volunteer, I must complete all steps of the Volunteer Application Process, which include an application, personal and employer references, background checks, automobile insurance verification, preference sheet, interview and home visit. The process may also include verification of previous volunteer service and references from physician(s) and/or mental health professional(s) if applicable. I understand that all information provided by me may be verified and I give permission for verification.

All information obtained during the Volunteer Application Process will be kept confidential. BBBS-SMS will use the information to create an anonymous profile about me, which will be shared with the parents/guardians of any Little Brothers or Little Sisters I select as potential matches. I acknowledge that BBBS-SMS retains and does not grant access to the information acquired through the Volunteer Application Process to me or any other parties.

Any omissions or misstatements made by me during the Volunteer Acceptance Process or any time during my association with BBBS-SMS may be cause for my application to be declined or volunteer placement to be terminated.

I understand that BBBS-SMS at its sole and complete discretion may accept or decline my application without providing me any reasons for the decision. I am not obligated to perform any volunteer services and BBBS-SMS is not obligated to match me with a Little Brother or Little Sister.

I declare that all of the statements made during the Volunteer Application Process will be true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge.

Read Background Check Disclosure

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City (“The Company”) may obtain information about you for volunteer screening purposes from a third party consumer reporting agency. Thus, you may be the subject of a “consumer report" and/or an “investigative consumer report" which may include information about your character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and/or mode of living, and which can involve personal interviews with sources such as your neighbors, friends, or associates. These reports may contain information regarding your credit history, criminal history, social security number validation, motor vehicle records (driving records), verification of your education or employment history, DOT regulated drug and alcohol testing records or other background checks. Credit history will only be requested where such information is substantially related to the duties and responsibilities of the volunteer position for which you are applying. You have the right, upon written request made within a reasonable time, to request whether a consumer report has been requested and compiled about you, and disclosure of the nature and scope of any investigative consumer report and to request a copy of your report. Please be advised that the nature and scope of the most common form of investigative consumer report is an investigation into your education and/or employment history conducted by Validity Screening Solutions, PO Box 860443, Shawnee, KS 66285-0443, 866.915.0792, www.validityscreening.com, or another outside organization. The scope of this notice and authorization is all encompassing, however, allowing the Company to obtain from any outside organization all manner of consumer reports and investigative consumer reports now and throughout the course of your relationship as a volunteer with the Company to the extent permitted by law. As a result, you should carefully consider whether to exercise your right to request disclosure of the nature and scope of any investigative consumer report.


I acknowledge receipt of the DISCLOSURE REGARDING BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION and A SUMMARY OF YOUR RIGHTS UNDER THE FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT and certify that I have read and understand both of those documents. I hereby authorize the obtaining of “consumer reports” and/or “investigative consumer reports” by the Company at any time after receipt of this authorization and throughout my relationship with the Company as a volunteer. To this end, I hereby authorize, without reservation, any law enforcement agency, administrator, state or federal agency, institution, school or university (public or private), information service bureau, employer, or insurance company to furnish any and all background information requested by Validity Screening Solutions, PO Box 860443, Shawnee, KS 66286-0443, 866-915.0792, www.validityscreening.com, another outside organization acting on behalf of the Company, and/or the Company itself. I agree that a facsimile (fax), electronic or photographic copy of this Authorization shall be as valid as the original.